Ph.D. Reading Group: Rouse on Practice Theory

708841Today the DEMAND Ph.D. Reading Group discussed Rouse’s chapter on Practice Theory in the Handbook of the Philosophy of Science. Rouse gives an excellent account not just of various lineages of theories of practice, but how those ideas have traveled from Wittgenstein and Heidegger to Giddens, Bourdieu, Butler, MacIntyre and more recent debates from Turner, Schatzki etc. He outlines a number of difficulties in social theory that practice theory addresses, before examining three specific areas that he claims require further development and putting forward his own position on these issues.

The group discussed Turner’s critique of regulsim and Rouse’s proposed normativism; Rouse’s discussion of the relationships and sistinctions between doings and sayings (and particularly his assertion that language is a social practice); as well as his brief discussion of the implications of his position for thinking about power.

Rouse, Joseph. 2007. Practice theory. Handbook of the Philosophy of Science (15).



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