Anteater Reading Group: Mikkel Bille on Light

cosylivingroom Mikkel Bille is a visiting researcher at the DEMAND Centre from Roskilde University, Denmark. His  work explores the social role of light and lighting in everyday life.

Last night the Anteater Reading Group read and discussed the draft introduction to the new book he writing about the introduction of energy saving light bulbs in Denmark and Jordan.

Mikkel drew our attention to the role that atmospheres play in co-ordinating practices, cultural meanings and social spaces, particularly in relation to the idea of attaining hyggle (something like cosiness) in Denmark.

This raised lots of interesting questions about the relationships between practices and atmospheres, boundaries and performance, and activity and affect. Are practice organised by atmospheres? Are performances of practices mediated through affect? What indeed is the analytical difference between atmosphere and practice and what effect does such an injunction have on a conception of practice?


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