WTMC Summer School Lecture

logo-wtmc-website-562x84Last week I joined the Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC) Ph.D. summer school for a day at Soeterbeek Conference Centre in Ravenstein.

This year’s topic was on ‘Time and STS‘ and the week long course was led by Ulrike Felt, Professor of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna.

I was invited to speak about time and theories of practice and gave a lecture on ‘Time as Experience, Landscape, and Rhythm‘.

The participants at the summer school raised important, mainstay questions about theories of practice: on bounding the unit of enquiry; on variation and difference; and on scWP_20160824_002ale. They also had very helpful comments about extending theories of practice and of time by drawing on ideas from other authors that they were working with, including Deleuze, Lefebvre, Thrift, and others.

Here is a picture of some happy donkeys on the nearby farm from the walk between the train station and the conference centre!


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