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Publication: Demanding Energy

Demanding EnergyI have a chapter published in  a new book edited by Allison Hui, Rosie Day, and Gordon Walker. Demanding Energy: Space, Time and Change collects research from within and beyond the DEMAND Centre on the dynamics of energy demand and presents this range of contributions and case studies to examine different social processes and dynamics, aspects and issues related to the topic of energy demand.

You can email me for an accepted manuscript (pre-copy-edited version) of my chapter: ‘Reducing demand for energy in hospitals: Opportunities for and limits to temporal coordination’.

My chapter describes some of the ways that demand for energy is made in hospitals, developing an account of energy demand as the outcome of the organisation of the connected working practices that constitute the regular provision of healthcare. It draws on interview data taken from an ethnographic study of institutional rhythms and the organisation of working practices in hospitals to describe how changes in the material arrangements, professional boundaries, and temporalities that underpin hospital life affect the fixity and flexibility of connections between practices in ways that matter for the potential for large institutions to achieve demand side response and to be able to foster the design of new and less resource-intensive ways of working.

This collection has a website with chapter abstracts, author biographies, reviews, and a teaser animation. And you can find open access versions of the introduction and conclusion here.


Publication: Cambridge Handbook of Sociology

ConsumptionIt has taken a little while to come out, but an essay that I wrote for The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology, while I was at Manchester and teaching the postgraduate course on consumption has now been published.

The essay provides a brief introduction to the sub-discipline of the ‘Sociology of Consumption, outlining some of the arguments from that course and that Alan Warde makes in his comprehensive review of the field (see his article on The Sociology of Consumption: Its Recent Development. Annual Review of Sociology 41 (1) and his four-volume set on consumption).

The publisher has complicated rules on Open Access so if you would like to read my contribution, please just send me an email.

Publication: Time and Society


My article titled ‘Institutional Rhythms: Combining Practice Theory and Rhythmanalysis to Conceptualise Processes of Institutionalisation’ is out now and is Open Access in Time and Society.

This article looks at some of the ways that practice theorists have drawn on theories of time and  rhythm to describe how practices are organised in everyday life. It does so to argue that Lefebvre’s work on rhythmanalysis provides important ideas for understanding how practices become temporally connected and societal rhythms become institutionalised.

Publication: The Nexus of Practice


Nicola Spurling and I have a chapter in The Nexus of Practices: Connections, Constellations, Practitioners which is edited by Allison Hui, Elizabeth Shove, and Theodore Schatzki and was published in December 2016. The accepted manuscript version of this chapter is available here.

Our chapter calls for a practice theory which begins with complexes of practice and not ‘a practice’, and for one that focuses on the relationships between connections (interconnections). Through examples of hospital life, we develop the concept of connective tissue which both holds complexes of practice together and that is itself an essential feature of practices. The chapter argues that connective tissue has multiple qualities. We argue that studying the interconnections between these qualities is the key to understanding change in hospital life, and other complexes of practice, over time.

Publication: Health and Place


A new special issue in Health and Place on Exercise and Environment and edited by Russell Hitchings and Alan Latham will be published shortly. I have an article in this issue which is available online now here. (An open access version of the accepted manuscript is available here.)

The article is based on empirical work that I conducted while doing my doctoral research, which was, in part, on the establishment and maintenance of habits and routines.