Where possible I have linked to Open Access versions of the below publications. Unfortunately, in some cases, publishers’ requirements mean that I can only link to the Accepted Manuscript version, and sometimes not at all. If you want to read something that I have written and can’t access it through the links below, please just send me an email.

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Journal Articles:

Blue S. 2017. ‘Institutional Rhythms: Combining Practice Theory and Rhythmanalysis to Conceptualise Processes of Institutionalisation’. Time and Society. (Open Access)

Williams V, Tarleton B, Heslop P, Porter S, Bernd S, Blue S, Merchant W, Mason-Angelow V. 2017. ‘Understanding Disabling Darriers: A Fruitful Partnership between Disability Studies and Social Practices?’ Disability & Society 33 (2): 157-174. (Journal’s Website)

Blue S. 2017. ‘Maintaining Physical Exercise as a Matter of Synchronising Practices’. Health & Place, 46: 344-350. (Journal’s Website) (Accepted Manuscript)

Blue S, Shove E, Carmona C, and Kelly M. P. 2016. ‘Theories of Practice and Public Health: Understanding (Un)Healthy Practices’. Critical Public Health, 26 (1): 36-50. (Open Access)

Blue S. 2013. ‘Ongoing Change in the Rhythms of Mixed Martial Arts Practice’. The International Journal of Sport and Society, 3 (3): 161-170. (Journal’s Website)

Book Chapters:

Blue S. 2018. ‘Reducing Demand for Energy in Hospitals: Opportunities for and Limits to Temporal Coordination’. In A. Hui, R. Day and G. Walker (Eds.) Demanding Energy: Space, Time and Change. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 313-337. (Publisher’s Website)

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Blue S and Shove E. 2016. ‘How Social Practices Generate, Carry and Require Knowledge and Know-How’. In K. Orr, S. Nutley, S. Russell, et al. (Eds.) Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations. Routledge, 217-219. (Accepted Manuscript) (Publisher’s Website).

Working Papers:

Blue S, Morley J, Marsden G, and Shove E. 2016. ‘The Dynamics of Demand: Methods and Concepts for Thinking about Change.’ The DEMAND Conference.

Spurling N. and Blue S. 2014. ‘Entities, Performances and Interventions’. In: C. Foulds & C. Jensen (Eds.) Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability: A Thinking Note Collection. Cambridge, Copenhagen, London.

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