Where possible I have linked to Open Access versions of the below publications. In some cases, publishers’ requirements mean that this is the Accepted Manuscript version. If you want to read something that I have written and can’t access it through these links, please just email me.

Journal Articles:

Blue, S. 2017. ‘Institutional Rhythms: Combining Practice Theory and Rhythmanalysis to Conceptualise Processes of Institutionalisation’. Time and Society. (Open Access)

Blue, S. 2017. ‘Maintaining Physical Exercise as a Matter of Synchronising Practices’. Health and Place. (Accepted Manuscript)

Blue, S., Shove E., Carmona C., and M. P. Kelly. 2016. ‘Theories of Practice and Public Health: Understanding (Un)Healthy Practices’. Critical Public Health 26 (1):36-50. (Open Access)

The above paper is currently the ‘most read’ paper in the journal. It has an Altmetrics score of 147 which makes it the number 1, highest scoring output in the journal and puts it in the top 5% of all research outputs ever tracked.

Blue, S. 2013. ‘Ongoing Change in the Rhythms of Mixed Martial Arts Practice’. The International Journal of Sport and Society 3 (3).

Book Chapters:

Blue, S. Forthcoming. ‘Reducing Demand for Energy in Hospitals: Opportunities for and Limits to Temporal Coordination’. In A. Hui, R. Day and G. Walker (Eds.) Demanding Energy: Space, Temporalities and Change. Palgrave.

Blue, S. Forthcoming. ‘The Sociology of Consumption’. In: K.L. Korgen (Ed.) The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology, (Vol. 2).

Blue, S. and Spurling, N. 2016. ‘Qualities of Connective Tissue in Hospital Life: How Complexes of Practices Change’. In A. Hui, E. Shove and T. Schatzki (Eds.) The Nexus of Practice: Connections, Constellations and Practitioners. Routledge. (Accepted Manuscript) (Publisher’s Website)

Blue, S. and Shove, E. 2016. ‘How Social Practices Generate, Carry and Require Knowledge and Know-How’. In K. Orr, S. Nutley, S. Russell, et al. (Eds.) Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations. Routledge. (Accepted Manuscript) (Publisher’s Website).

Working Papers:

Blue, S., Morley, J., Marsden, G. and E. Shove. 2016. ‘The Dynamics of Demand: Methods and Concepts for Thinking about Change.’ The DEMAND Conference.

Spurling, N. and Blue, S. 2014. ‘Entities, Performances and Interventions’. In: C. Foulds & C. Jensen  (eds.) Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability: A Thinking Note Collection. Cambridge, Copenhagen, London.

Blue, S. 2014. ‘Time, Difference and Change: Moments and Rhythms of Practice: DEMAND Working Paper 11’. In Demanding Ideas: Where Theories of Practice Might Go Next. Windermere.