Current Teaching at Lancaster University, 2015-Present, Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ph.D. Students

  • Torik Holmes on ‘Practices, Infrastructures and Space: The (Re)Configuration of Energy Demand in Manchester’s Northern Quarter’. See Torik’s website for more about his research.
  • Hannah Stoddart: ‘Situating Everyday First Aid: Social Practices and Settings of Incidents and Help‘. Hannah’s research is funded by an ESRC CASE studentship working in collaboration with the British Red Cross.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • SOCL919: ‘Research Projects in Practice’ (core for students taking the Sociological Research pathway, co-convenor with Nicola Spurling).

Undergraduate Teaching

  • SOCL101: ‘Introduction to Sociology’ (core, convening whole module, ~160 students, team of 5 PGTAs  and 4 lecturers).
  • SOCL101: ‘Introduction to Sociology’ (core, taught 3-week block on ‘Sociological Approaches to the Study of Consumption’).
  • SOCL200: ‘Understanding Social Thought’ (core, taught 4-week block on ‘An Introduction to Marx’).

Teaching at the University of Manchester, 2013-2015, Sociology, School of Social Sciences

Dissertation Supervision

  • Supervised a number of postgraduate and undergraduate dissertations on a range of topics.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • SOCY60551: ‘Sociology of Consumption’ (option, course convenor, taught whole module).
  • SOCY60432: ‘Methodological Issues in Social Research’ (option, course convenor, taught whole module).
  • SOCY60401: ‘Research Design 1’ (core, taught 1 lecture on ‘Positioning Theory and Method through the Research Process: A Rhythmanalytical Example’).

Undergraduate Teaching

  • SOCY10452: ‘Media, Culture and Society 2’ (year 1 option, course convenor, taught whole module).
  • SOCY10440: ‘Researching Culture and Society’ (year 1, core, taught 2 lectures on ‘The Role of Theory in Social Research’ and on ‘The Politics and Ethics of Social Research’).
  • SOCY20091: ‘Research Design and Methods’ (year 2, core, taught 5 lectures on module).
  • SOCY30441: ‘Sociology of Family Life and Intimacy’ (year 3, option, support teaching).
  • Introductory Course: ‘Researching Culture and Society’ (year 1, core, taught 1 lecture and 1 workshop on ‘Language, Discourse and Text’).
  • Professional Development for Sociologists (ProD): (year 2, core, taught 1 workshop on ‘Striving for a First: Critical Thinking in Sociology’).
  • SOCY10472 ‘Sociology of Personal Life’ (year 1, option, taught 2 seminar classes per week).
  • SOCY30062 ‘Urban Sociology’ (year 3, option, support teaching).


  • In 2015, I received a highly prestigious and coveted award from the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union for my teaching: the award for Funniest Lecturer!

Teaching at Lancaster University, 2010-2013, Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Teaching

  • SOCL101: ‘Introduction to Sociology’ (year 1, core, taught 1 revision lecture and 4-5 seminar classes per week over 3 terms, 2010-2011 and 2012-2013).

Widening Participation Teaching

  • Sociology Summer School: ‘Ad-Busting, Media and Consumption’ (AS-level students, designed, convened and delivered a week long, intensive course, June 2013).