Current Teaching at Lancaster University, 2015-Present, Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Ph.D. Supervision

  • Torik Holmes on ‘Practices, Infrastructures and Space: The (Re)Configuration of Energy Demand in Manchester’s Northern Quarter’. See Torik’s research website  for more.

Teaching at the Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), Aug 2016

Invited to lead a session on time and practice at the WTMC Ph.D. Summer School. Presented lecture on ‘Time and Everyday Practice: Time as Experience, Landscape, and Rhythm‘.

Teaching at the University of Manchester, 2013-2015, Sociology, School of Social Sciences

Dissertation Supervision

  • Supervised a number of postgraduate and undergraduate dissertations on a range of topics.

Postgraduate Teaching

  • SOCY60551: ‘Sociology of Consumption’ (option, course convenor, taught whole module).
  • SOCY60432: ‘Methodological Issues in Social Research’ (option, course convenor, taught whole module).
  • SOCY60401: ‘Research Design 1’ (core, taught 1 lecture on ‘Positioning Theory and Method through the Research Process: A Rhythmanalytical Example’).

Undergraduate Teaching

  • SOCY10452: ‘Media, Culture and Society 2’ (year 1 option, course convenor, taught whole module).
  • SOCY10440: ‘Researching Culture and Society’ (year 1, core, taught 2 lectures on ‘The Role of Theory in Social Research’ and on ‘The Politics and Ethics of Social Research’).
  • SOCY20091: ‘Research Design and Methods’ (year 2, core, taught 5 lectures on module).
  • SOCY30441: ‘Sociology of Family Life and Intimacy’ (year 3, option, support teaching).
  • Introductory Course: ‘Researching Culture and Society’ (year 1, core, taught 1 lecture and 1 workshop on ‘Language, Discourse and Text’).
  • Professional Development for Sociologists (ProD): (year 2, core, taught 1 workshop on ‘Striving for a First: Critical Thinking in Sociology’).
  • SOCY10472 ‘Sociology of Personal Life’ (year 1, option, taught 2 seminar classes per week).
  • SOCY30062 ‘Urban Sociology’ (year 3, option, support teaching).


  • In 2015, I received a highly prestigious and coveted award from the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union for my teaching: the award for Funniest Lecturer!

Teaching at Lancaster University, 2010-2013, Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Teaching

  • SOCY101: ‘Introduction to Sociology’ (year 1, core, taught 1 revision lecture and 4-5 seminar classes per week over 3 terms, 2010-2011 and 2012-2013).

Widening Participation Teaching

  • Sociology Summer School: ‘Ad-Busting, Media and Consumption’ (AS-level students, designed, convened and delivered a week long, intensive course, June 2013).